Alinea : Work & Play

My 2018 Design Case Study is a practical and dynamic collection of women's athletic apparel while also suited for the office. 'Alinea' is perfect for the multi-use consumer, where versatility adds value. Alinea offers technical materials that combine fashion and comfort to balance both an active and professional lifestyle.

My design inspiration for Alinea arose while I was playing in amateur golf leagues, aiming for a place in the LPGA. I had two reoccurring problems no matter where I shopped. First, ladies golf clothes that performed appropriately and adhered to course regulations where always unflattering and lacked sense any style. The "shrink it and pink it" philosophy did not encourage me to purchase a single thing. Next, if I did find a fashionable shirt or skirt I liked it wasn't made in technical fabric suitable for any amount of sweating or athletic action. I wanted outfits I could wear to work in the morning and play 9 holes at dusk without having to go home and change. I wanted to play tennis before brunch with my friends without finding a locker room. Alinea is able to solve a multi-function problem with one, stylish solution.